You probably found an influencer on Instagram selling access to Close Friends, right?

It can seem a little crazy or even a big brother like people who use Close Friends to show their daily lives, a person comes face to face there, every day, whether at lunch or on a trip with friends.
I confess, I even think all of this is a bit exaggerated, a bigger exposure that maybe should.

But this was not born in Close Friends, a long time ago there is already this format on YouTube with vlogs, the same footprint of content but more editable, not so much instantaneous and practically in real-time.
This proximity has, on the other hand, a good thing, Close Friends brings authenticity between the communicator and his audience, strengthening the feeling of closeness (even if virtual) and the bond between them, turning like a friend, or example to be followed.

At this point that I want to reach, authenticity, something that nowadays for those who produce the content I need to have to reach the point of monetizing some content.

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum / Unsplash

You don't have to become the 'big brother guy', I believe in the most didactic format, for example. If you talk about investments on your Instagram, you can use the Close Friends paid on Instagram to make daily summaries, comment on a daily company, there quickly, as if it were a course, in part, much more in real-time and with instant feedback, with content that never ends.

Better than a course that you sell for $ 100 that last a month.

Making Close Friends with cheaper subscription values, convert more customers, over time your revenue is much more consistent, and your customer much happier than having something that for no time like a static course.

It is worth thinking, do I have 'fresh' content practically daily to use something or to update my customers? If the answer to yes. Try it out and see the feedback, your path may already be open to becoming a revenue channel.

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